The Beyond Lifestyle Expo begins with initiatives to promote economic development, increasing tourism and business.

WHY Beyond Lifestyle International Expo

It is a monumental and magnificent undertaking that can have significant positive world, regional and local impact.

An Expo can also bring more immediate and tangible benefits to both the host region and community and the expo’s participants.

It begins with initiatives to promote economic development, originating at the city level either through local governmental authorities or through business organizations or some combination thereof. Because an Expo needs a specific site, an early ingredient in the local initiative is the identification of a suitable location for the event.

Build a Relevant and Memorable Event

The underlying goals for a prospective host city of promoting such an event include boosting international awareness of the city,

increasing tourism and business, and creating a catalyst for needed civic improvements including redevelopment or upgrading of a given district or area.

To create a platform that connects local and overseas exhibitors, to be the catalyst that creates more business opportunities, promotes economic growth and stimulate the development of tourism industry.


To facilitate an environment where people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds can connect, gain knowledge and become more empowered. The international expo aims to attract large numbers of people and generate demands for on-and-off-site purchases of goods and services, benefiting the region through tourism and retail revenues.

To create awareness and hype to entice the general public to visit Beyond Lifestyle International Expo 2018
To provide a platform for traders and business owners to showcase their latest products and services
To maximize media coverage & exposure
To support participating exhibitors to achieve their core objective
To distinguish your Co/products from other competitors
Identify new market potentials
Attract attention from new prospects
Identify new distributors